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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Where is it?”
A: I’m on the lookout for a CBD location. Either at ground level or on the first floor. I need 100 – 200 sqm. Let me know if you spot such a building for lease

Q: “What is co-working?”
A: It’s an office environment with shared resources (internet, kitchen, meeting room, meeting areas etc), but with a bit more social interaction including lunches together, perhaps sharing clients. It suits computer-based 1-person businesses, or duo’s.

Q: “What’s the price?”
A: I have some numbers to crunch once I have a space and have determined desk density, but as a starting point it looks like $550+gst per month including fibre internet, free use of the meeting room, kitchenette, your own key and alarm code to come and go as you please.

Q: “Do you offer hot-desks?”
A: Yes. The hot-desk rate is $240+gst/month for 8 days (at any empty desk). Additional days are $30+gst. Your meeting room bookings are free and I’m working on shelving so you can keep your stuff here.

Q: “Do I have to sign a fixed term contract?”
A: No fixed term. Just month to month with 1 months notice.

Q: “When is open day?”
A: Let’s ball-park at 1 Oct 2018

Q: “Can I take a look around?”
A: Yes, register with your email address below and I’ll book you in for a tour once I’ve found a space

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